How it Works

Access to premium program resources

Access to our premium IMS training

You will receive access to our premium Lead Auditor Integrated Management Systems training course which includes modules for conducting audits and implementing, maintaing and improving ISO 9001 Quality, ISO 14001 Environmental and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety management systems.

Access to System Toolkits

You will also receive access to the Qudos system toolkits with templates, documents, and guidance to reference or use to start building your own management system.

Access to weekly Q&A sessions

Each week there is a Q&A session for one-hour where a section of each Standard will be broken down into ‘normal peoples’ language. Topics covered will differ depending on what our program participants are asking for and need help on. You can bring your questions to these sessions to help you move forward with your own system. Your questions will help other participants with their systems also and likewise, their questions will also help you out.

Access to a Closed Facebook Group for program participants only

In between the weekly Q&A, you can always share your thoughts or ask questions on this group.  This means that whenever you are working on your system you always have a place to go to ask your question and receive support from the team here at ATOL as well as fellow program participants. Someone is always here to keep you moving in the development of your system so you can achieve your goals.