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Take a leap - you have the experience

Take a Leap in 2021

Don't get bogged down by titles - If you sit down and write down all your years of experience, all of your skills, I bet you will be surprised!

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Audit Backpack

What is in your Audit Bag?

Jackie walks through her nine essential must-haves for her audit bag, ensuring her audits run smoothly and nothing is forgotten while onsite auditing.

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Am I Now Certified to Conduct Audits?

We received a great question from one of our awesome students recently, which was a really valid question. She asked after she finished her course “Am I now certified to conduct audits?” My answer is “well, that depends”.

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Awesome Customer Service

How does Customer Service relate to ISO 9001? It's about the customer - What are their requirements? It even talks about enhancing customer satisfaction!

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Mental Health in the Workplace

2020 has been a challenge for workplace mental health. Here are some great mental health initiatives, particularly for those teams who now work remotely.

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National Safe Work Month 2020

Let’s talk about National Safe Work Month happening this October here in Australia. Auditor Training Online is on board with this focus and are promoting our ISO 45001 courses this month. So what has ISO 45001 got to do with safe work month?

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The Importance of Existing Customers

I recently left the gym that I had been a member of for 7 ½ years and the process made me think about how important our existing customers are and of course how this relates to a quality management system!

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How You Can Help Australian Bushfire Victims

Thank you to all the volunteers, emergency service members and disaster relief workers giving their time for others, our thoughts and prayers are with you all. For anyone wishing to help, we have provided a list of causes you can research and direct your donations to.

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