Safety Champion | Office Worker Health

By: Auditor Training Online | Posted 03 Oct 2019

Hi, I’m Kathy.  I work in student services and administration. 

Like most office workers I am at my desk, sitting, for the better part of each day.  

The risks of being inactive for long periods can certainly be detrimental to your physical and mental wellbeing.

When I think about how many hours of sitting that equates to over a week, year and lifetime it makes me want to focus more on how I can increase my activity each day to benefit my health in both the short and long term.

Most days of the week I start or end the day with a 30-60-minute walk. 

That’s a great start, but I also want to increase my activity throughout the working day as well.

So, for the month of October I have set myself, and the team, 2 goals to achieve every day:

  • Stand up and move around at least once every hour, every 30 minutes if we can &
  • Take our breaks away from our desk

I’m going to use the stand goal feature on my watch to help me achieve the stand-up goal and take my lunch outside or in the kitchen. 

The harder of the two goals will be taking breaks away from the desk.

Throughout the month I’ll be sharing some tips and resources about health for office workers and an update on how I went at the end of the month!