Talitas Journey with ATOL

By: Auditor Training Online | Posted 29 Jul 2020

Note – this is an excerpt from the Auditor Training Online Facebook Live, view the video here.

This week’s news article is a little different - We aren’t talking all about auditing. Instead one of our wonderful staff members, Talita, decided to take you on a little journey. Talita talks about her journey with Auditor Training Online so far, and the valuable life and career lessons....

In the Beginning

I started with Auditor Training Online in 2018 as their Student Services Assistant. Up until that time, I had my ideas of what auditing and auditors were. You know - the financial old boring stiff auditors, or the scary, rule pushing auditors. I had little to no experience in the auditing space. So I was a fresh-faced, wide-eyed creative starting what sounded like a fun job.

By now you are probably thinking how did I get the job if I had little to no auditing experience. Well, there were two things;

  1. I had the X-Factor as Jackie likes to call it. All the theory can be taught but you can't teach the X-Factor; and
  2. I was keen to learn and grow which in turn made me adaptable.

The first year my role consisted of answering the phone, responding to customer questions, assisted students if they had hit roadblocks along the way. I learnt as much as I could about auditing, the ISO standards and Management Systems.

My Role Today

I have always been passionate about film, photography and I like to think I have an eye for it. So when Jackie came to me with the idea of starting to create some short videos to go up on our social media, I jumped at the idea. I could combine a passion of mine with what was quickly becoming a great, fun exciting job - things I never thought would describe auditing.

As I learnt more and evolved in my student services role, there was an opportunity to learn the development side of things. When I say development, I mean putting the content from our SME's (Subject Matter Experts) into our course software, making it look pretty but most importantly function correctly.  I transitioned from my student service/customer service role into the development space while still having my creative outlet, the video production aspect.

Earlier this year the opportunity I had the amazing opportunity to take over the marketing for Auditor Training Online. I say this is an amazing opportunity as I have been studying my Bachelor of Marketing and Communications.

The Lessons I Have Learnt

So bringing it back for a bit, this article isn’t about how great I am, or how lucky Jackie and the rest of the team are to have someone as bright as me in the company. The purpose of this article is to share a few things I have learnt so far on my journey with Auditor Training Online.

Firstly, Auditing is not boring. In fact, it is everywhere. Auditing is everywhere, from the way people service customers at the local café, to the way your food is handled, or even how much of an environmental impact your business creates. So auditing is not boring and something that permeates everyday life.

Secondly, anyone can be an auditor. To take things to a personal level before I started with Auditor Training Online, I wasn't a “process-driven, version control, documentation person”. I was a free-spirited creative who somewhat thrived off chaos. Well, I still am, but I am more aware of how beneficial processes can be, how easy and helpful documentation can be.

My last point, adaptability and continuous learning are the greatest weapon in your career. You can see through my career progression just in two short years, I have adapted to change and have grown with it. Seeking out knowledge and asking how or why has led me to learn new skills and new things about me that have benefited my career.

Now I am working and learning in the space I wanted to be in. I still have my creative outlet and even get to do my passion for video production. So some days it doesn't feel like work at all. It just feels like I am having fun!

I thought I would share my story and hopefully inspire someone out there that you can do it. Even if the industry you are working in isn't what you envisioned yourself working, make it your own. Seek out opportunities to become adaptable and never stop asking how or why!