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ATOL Community

Join the ATOL Community: Your Lifelong Learning Partner

Hey there!

Are you looking for an online training provider that has a 'face' or a 'human touch'?

Do you want to continue your learning and grow as a professional after you've completed your training?

At ATOL, we’re different! We’re here for the long haul, offering you benefits that go beyond the classroom...

Let us introduce you to The ATOL Community! 

An online gathering place for both current and former ATOL students to connect and exchange experiences. Whether you're a first-time auditor or a seasoned professional, the community will be sure to extend a warm welcome to you.

The ATOL Community is a fantastic way to connect with other Auditor Training Online students undertaking the same studies. Use it to interact with other students, share ideas, ask for peer support, find a study buddy, or simply lift each other up! Additionally, it’s a great platform to share workplace experiences, ask questions about challenges you face at work or with your auditing clients/career, and get advice from peers who have been in similar situations.

What Makes Us Special?

  • Lifetime Community Access: As an ATOL student, you’re part of our community for life. Unlike other providers that limit or remove access once your training or enrollment expires, we support you forever.
  • Exclusive Access: Enjoy exclusive access to our weekly podcast livestreams and Q&A sessions with industry experts, all before they are shared with the wider auditing world.
  • Active Communities: Connect on our Facebook and LinkedIn groups, share experiences, and grow your professional network.
  • Ongoing Support: With support from not just the ATOL team, but both current and past students, you’ll never feel alone in your learning journey.
  • Networking Opportunities: Build professional relationships, find study buddies, and enhance your learning experience.
  • Digital Credentials: Showcase your achievements with Credly digital badges, making your skills and knowledge easily verifiable.
  • Free Professional Development: Access continuing education courses to keep your skills sharp and relevant.
  • Exemplar Link Access: Enjoy Exemplar Global webinars, resources, and job notifications to stay connected to the industry.

Once you've enrolled, you will receive all that you need to access the Community and be a part of something unique that no other training provider offers.

The ATOL Community is just one of the many benefits of our Extended Learning Program (ELP).

The first step is looking at the training courses we can offer you, so you can start creating new opportunities for yourself.

We can't wait to see you there!