ATOL Extended Learning Program

All the 'Elp You'll Ever Need!

Extended Learning Program

You Want to Be a Great Auditor

Hi, I am Jackie Stapleton and I know you want to create a successful career as an auditor. I am a practicing Certification auditor for Quality, Safety, and Environmental management systems.

I will help you combine your experience and qualifications to gain an understanding of both auditing and how to build management systems.

I have been doing this for a long time, so I will show you how to build your career, just like I have built mine.

When you enroll you become part of the ATOL community, and you and I can start having the conversation about what you want to achieve.

This is how you become a great auditor

1. Be Part of the Weekly Q&A Discussion

In the weekly Q&A sessions, I guide you through your learning and career growth by being available to you every week. I love to share my experience of success so that you can succeed too.

I make these sessions fun and welcoming to everyone. Whether you are new to auditing or if you are an experienced auditor, I want you to join in and learn from me and the other professionals.

Ask any questions you have regarding:

  1. How to develop a successful career as well as how to network with other businesses and professionals.
  2. Course content assistance and understanding
  3. The auditing process. You will have full access to everything I have learned during my career
  4. Working as a consultant, building and improving management systems
  5. Anything else management systems related to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001. *While I don’t audit HACCP systems I can attempt to answer questions related to these systems in a general 'auditing' sense. 

These sessions are a great resource whether you can attend at the time, as a recording of sessions are available through your Student Hub or the ATOL Community Facebook Group

2. Become a Member of the ATOL Community Group

Become a member of a community that all have the same goal of being experts in auditing and management systems.

When you enroll you become a member of the ATOL Community Facebook group. This is another place you can get access to me and ask me all your questions, especially if you cannot attend the live Q&A sessions.

3. Promote Yourself with Digital Credentials

Promote yourself and be discovered by employers in new ways. In addition to your standard certificate, you are also issued with ATOL Digital Credentials using the Credly platform. Your existing, and prospective, a network of professionals, businesses, and certification bodies can immediately see and authenticate your qualifications and experience. These digital credentials can be used in email signatures, digital resumes, social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. This way you can share your achievements and have verifiable information at your fingertips. The article ATOL Digital Credentials will give you more information.

4. Access Free Continuing Professional Development Content

Did you love getting your qualification and want other content that will complement your qualification and experience? I have selected a suite of professional development courses that will ensure you stand out in the crowd.

The content is available to all professionals that have enrolled in an Internal or External qualification.*

5. Access Exemplar Link for Continued Professional Development

Brought to you by Exemplar Global 

Exemplar Link unlocks:

  • One-year graduate certification for eligible courses*
  • Access to Exemplar Global Webinars and Online events
  • Access to Exemplar Global online resources, including the Auditor Online Newsletter and regular Job Board notifications
  • Access to the social community of graduates

*Refer to the ELP Terms & Conditions for eligibility