Extended Learning Program

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Extended Learning Program

Auditor Training Online has partnered with Exemplar Global to develop the 'Extended Learning Program (ELP)'.

The ELP offers graduates of eligible courses*, access to a suite of additional benefits, including graduate certification with Exemplar Global, an internationally recognised personnel certification body.

Benefits of registering in the Extended Learning Program include:

  • One-year Graduate Certification for eligible courses*
  • Access to Exemplar Global Webinars and Online events for graduates as a part of the one-year certification
  • Access to Exemplar Global online resources, including the Auditor OnLine Newsletter and regular Job Board notifications
  • Access to the social community of graduates that will be established
  • An innovative, continuous learning environment for learners and graduates
  • Ongoing support for an entrepreneurial career track for graduates and learners
  • Work Style Behavioural Assessment

The Work Style Assessment (WSA) is a psychometrically valid behavioural assessment. It is an objective way for graduates to learn about their unique personality traits and how they manifest on the job.

This knowledge leads to a true understanding of capability and performance, and how they can be best utilized. In essence the WSA:

  • Provides insights into an individual’s attributes to enable self-awareness
  • Provides self-coaching recommendations
  • Details cultural-fit considerations
  • Provides insights on how to best utilise the individual’s work style.

The program is available for enrolments in selected* Management Systems auditing courses in Quality, Environmental, OH&S, Integrated Management Systems, including Lead Auditor qualifications, and HACCP.

*All courses which form part of the Extended Learning Program are identified on the respective course enrolment pages.  

For more information on the benefits of the ELP, or to confirm your eligibility, contact our Student Services team.