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Corporate Training Solutions

The team at Auditor Training Online (ATOL) are the experts in online training in ISO Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems and auditing.

Whether you need to train a team to build, manage and conduct internal audits of your systems, or to train your people to consult and conduct external audits, you will achieve this through our internationally and industry-recognized qualifications. Our training is designed for any organization, big or small, and meets the requirements of all industries.

What you can expect when choosing ATOL


Proven Results

For over a decade, we have been working with organizations of all sizes, in over 90 countries, to train and qualify their people to build and improve management systems. With over 5000 graduates, we have created a delivery platform to make learning accessible to your team, regardless of their experience, and ensure they become qualified and effective auditors and management systems professionals.


Trainer Expertise

Our content is developed by experienced and practicing auditors so you know it is relevant to your industry and can be immediately applied within the organization to implement and continually improve your systems.


Recognized Qualifications

We are an Exemplar Global certified training provider and an Australian RTO (45123). The skills and knowledge learned through completing the qualifications can be applied across all industries.


Proactive Support

We actively monitor your team's progress to make sure they succeed and complete their qualification. Students are contacted if key milestones are not met, and managers can be automatically notified upon team members' completion.


Content delivered how you want

Your team can complete their training completely online, join a virtual training session or enrol in one of our blending training options. Importantly, the same level of qualification is achieved regardless of how it is completed.


100% Online self-paced training

All courses can be delivered 100% online, are self-paced, and include all the resources required.

Participants can:

  • Start immediately once payment has been received, with no waiting for the next classroom session
  • Access their training 24/7, so they coordinate the training with their work schedule and any other commitments
  • Complete the assessments as part of each module with immediate results and feedback


Virtual training

In addition to the online self-paced training mode, we currently offer the Lead Auditor Management Systems qualification via a live instructor-led training session using Zoom. For details, see the Lead Auditor Management Systems (ISO 19011:2018) - Virtual Training qualification for details.

Participants can:

  • Allocate set dates and a known number of hours to training
  • Learn with other colleagues or peers at the same time
  • Engage with the trainer, and qualified lead auditor, to ensure they complete the qualification

Blended training

Both online and virtual training can be combined with our qualifications able to be delivered in a blended learning mode. This approach offers advantages from both the online and virtual training modes.

For example, as per the virtual training described above, participants who require a Lead Auditor ISO 9001:2015 qualification would complete the Lead Auditor Quality Management Systems - Virtual Training qualification. The lead auditor component is completed in the virtual classroom, and the quality management systems component is finished on online.


A Simple Enrolment Process

We look after everything, most importantly, your team.

Once the decision is made to enrol, it's a streamlined process to get everyone started. Your team will receive as much help as they require to complete their training. This includes phone and email support and our Extended Learning Program (ELP), which includes a weekly Zoom Q&A session with one of our expert trainers.

Don’t worry about the details. Yes, we can:

  • Fill out all your supplier forms
  • Offer different payment methods, including providing one or more invoices or online credit card payment
  • Give you the most competitive pricing, including corporate discounts based on volume


Approved Local Buy Supplier

For the relevant Australian states, we are a Local Buy approved supplier.


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