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Approx Course Duration *:60 Seconds
Access to Course Content:18 Months from the date of enrolment
Qualification/s:Sixty Second Skills - Mentoring

We show you how a mentor transfers knowledge and practical skills to a less experienced one – a mentee.

Whether formal or informal, related to youth, education or the workplace, mentoring can have several positive effects for everyone, such as behavioural, health, motivational, and career benefits, we aim to show you.


*a certificate is not issued at the completion of this complimentary course

At the conclusion of this course, you should have:

  • Discovered what mentoring is 
  • Found out the benefits of mentoring and being a mentee 
  • Learned five (5) handy tips to help cement the learning 
No prerequisites required

Course details:

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    Online Self-Paced
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    Approx 0 hours full-time study*
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    N/A - A certificate is not issued at the completion of free courses
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    Standard: N/A
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    No prerequisites required
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* All ATOL courses are delivered in such a way you can work through them at your own pace, the actual time to complete the training may change depending on the individual learners' experience and/or learning style