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Approx Course Duration *:Two Day Virtual Instructor-Led Training + Post Training Assessment (Approx 1 Month full-time study)
Access to Course Content:18 Months from the date of enrolment
Qualification/s:BSBSS00128 Lead Auditor Skill Set Virtual Training
Competency Units: Exemplar Global (AU) Management Systems Auditing
Exemplar Global (TL) Lead Audit Teams
BSBAUD411 Participate in quality audits
BSBAUD511 Initiate quality audits
BSBAUD512 Lead quality audits
BSBAUD513 Report on quality audits
Certificate Type: Certificate of Attainment - TPECS
Statement of Attainment
CPD Hours:236 Continuing Professional Development Hours

Virtually Delivered Instructor-led BSBSS00128 Lead Auditor Skill Set Training

Fast-track your qualification by joining our two-day Live Virtual Instructor Led Training to complete your theory and practical assessments, then finalize your qualification in your own time.

This skill set provides the skills and knowledge to lead a quality audit in a wide range of industries. It includes the following Australian Nationally Recognised Training (NRT) units:

  • Australian Registered Training Organisation RTO #45123BSBAUD411 - Participate in quality audits
  • BSBAUD511 - Initiate quality audits
  • BSBAUD512 - Lead quality audits
  • BSBAUD513 - Report on quality audits

The course also includes an Exemplar Global recognized Lead Auditor qualification, which increases your opportunities further because this is an industry and internationally recognized qualification.

This course content is delivered in two parts, via Zoom Virtual classroom led by our expert instructors who will guide you through successfully completing the course. The second is via self-paced assessment.

Working with an expert by your side is a proven way to succeed, you will have someone to provide immediate feedback and help with the workshops and assessments from start to finish.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion, you will have the skills and qualifications to:

  • Promote yourself as a lead auditor and learn the skills and knowledge required to lead a quality audit across a wide-range of businesses and industries
  • Create a career for yourself as an NDIS Auditor
    • This course satisfies the exact requirements as specified by the NDIS for its auditors. We are the experts in helping you along this pathway. The NDIS is an important sector, and we have helped hundreds of people pursue successful careers in this area. If you would like to find out more, you can request our NDIS Auditor Information Pack or contact our Sales team for more information
  • Assess an organization's management system against ISO Standards requirements as a lead auditor
  • Obtain awareness of the processes that an organization should be taking to address and correct nonconformances
  • Write, review and provide feedback on management system audit reports
  • Document nonconformances within an audit report

Are You Looking for Self-paced Online Learning Instead?

If 'Virtual' training isn't the best option for you, then that's ok, we also offer the same course as a 100% online, self-paced version. Have a look at the BSBSS00128 Lead Auditor Skill Set course page for more information.

Do you already have a Lead Auditor qualification? Then please look at our Lead Auditor Skill Set Upgrade course.

This course consists of the following modules, delivered across two consecutive days of live virtual training: 

Audit Fundamentals and Procedures Auditor Principals & Personal Behaviours
Audit Objectives, Scope and Criteria Roles and Responsibilities
Document Review Planning the Audit
Communicating with the audit team Communicating with the auditee
The Audit Report Closing the Audit
Opening Meetings Audit Interviews
Team Meetings Closing Meetings

Please note, that this course includes the assessments related to the performance-based evidence criteria only. Additional knowledge-based assessments are addressed in the prerequisite course Lead Auditor Management Systems Virtual Training

Students who have not previously completed the prerequisite course are required to enrol in the full Lead Auditor Skill Set program.

Australian Registered Training Organisation RTO #45123Estimated time to complete: ASQA has applied 220 nominal hours of training and assessment to this Skill Set, this is equivalent to approx. 30 days (excluding marking timeframes).
Students who have met the prerequisites of this upgrade course have already completed approx 20 hours of this requirement.  

Performance-based Assessments:

BSBAUD411 Participate in quality audits BSBAUD511 Initiate quality audits
BSBAUD512 Lead quality audits BSBAUD513 Report on quality audits

*This course does not include a copy of ISO 19011:2018 as it is not required for you to complete your training.  Course content includes extracts from the standards in the form of clause statements as per the example below.

This course is broken up into a series of modules, with assessment completed as part of the learning - step-by-step, module-by-module.

  • VILT (Virtual Instructor-Led Training) Group Workshops
  • Knowledge-based Assessment - Multi-choice exams
  • Workbook Assessments - Combining Short response written exams with a Portfolio of documents 

Course participants are allocated three (3) submission attempts per written exam and each practical assessment (1x initial submission and 2x resubmissions) as part of course fees.
An administration fee will apply for fourth and subsequent resubmissions, these can be purchased in blocks of two.

Issuing Your Qualification

Within 24 hours of successful completion of all course units, graduates will still be emailed a secure pdf copy of two certificates:

  • Statement of Attainment for Australian Nationally Recognized Competency Units (BSB Units); and a separate
  • Certificate of Attainment for Internationally Recognized Exemplar Global Competencies

Courses participants will also be issued an ATOL Digital Credential within 30 days of course completion.

While there are no educational/experience prerequisites for this training the following information is important to note. If you are unable to meet these requirements, please contact our Customer Service team or consider our self-paced learning options:

  • Training cannot be effectively conducted on phones or tablets; a computer (desktop or laptop) is required.
  • To facilitate learning and assessment, the use of dual monitors is strongly recommended.
  • A working webcam, mic and an active account on Zoom are compulsory for participation.
  • Full participation is required throughout the training period, which runs from 8:00 am to approx 4:30 pm BNE time over both days.
  • Participants will receive resources up to four weeks before the start of their scheduled Virtual Training session, with an expectation to complete designated pre-reading and required online orientation tasks beforehand.

$2,095.00 USD

This course includes:

  • Lead Auditor Management Systems | Virtual Training
  • BSBSS00128 Lead Auditor Skill Set | Virtual Training Upgrade

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Start Date:
17 Jun, 24 @ 08:00 AEST
End Date:
18 Jun, 24 @ 16:30 AEST

Available Places: 3


Start Date:
05 Aug, 24 @ 08:00 AEST
End Date:
06 Aug, 24 @ 16:30 AEST

Available Places: 10


Start Date:
21 Oct, 24 @ 08:00 AEST
End Date:
22 Oct, 24 @ 16:30 AEST

Available Places: 10


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Course details:

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    Blended Training
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    Approx 236 hours full-time study*
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    Nationally Recognized Training & Internationally Recognized Exemplar Global
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    Standard: ISO 19011:2018
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    This course has prerequisites
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* All ATOL courses are delivered in such a way you can work through them at your own pace, the actual time to complete the training may change depending on the individual learners' experience and/or learning style