Lead Consultant HACCP

  • Duration: Approx. 32 hours (equivalent to 32 CPD hours or 4 days full-time study)
  • Qualification: Exemplar Global HACCP (Internationally recognized)
  • Standard: ISO 19011:2018
  • Prerequisites: No
  • Course fee: $1,125.00 (USD)
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With your qualification, you will become an internationally recognized HACCP Consultant with the knowledge and skills to implement and support an organization in the implementation of a Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) system.  You will also have an understanding of how to include and conduct audits for the organization as part of this implementation process.  You will be able to work anywhere in the world to support organizations to achieve conformance.

  • Promote yourself as a HACCP Consultant with international recognition
  • Assess an organizations HACCP system against criteria requirements applying implementation and audit skills, processes and principles
  • Review and provide feedback on HACCP documentation
  • Develop, implement, maintain and continually improve an organizations HACCP system against criteria requirements as a qualified consultant
  • Obtain awareness of the processes that an organization should be taking to address and correct HACCP nonconformances
  • Support an organization through a HACCP external audit
  • Write, review and provide feedback on HACCP reporting

This course includes the advantage of our Extended Learning Program and Graduate Certification from Exemplar Global.

Lead Consultant HACCP is internationally recognized and delivered entirely online. This course consists of a series of topic-specific modules

Subject units covered:

Clauses covered:  
Audit fundamentals Audit principles & procedures 
Audit report Closing the Audit
Communication Document Review
Objective, scope & criteria Planning an audit
Roles & responsibilities Introduction to HACCP
Legislation and Ethics The Five Preliminaries
The Seven Principles (Principle 1) The Seven Principles (Principles 2, 3 & 4)
The Seven Principles (Principles 5, 6 & 7)  

The courses are broken up into a series of modules and the assessment is completed as part of the learning, step-by-step, module-by-module.

We encourage students to use both the practice activities and the practice quizzes to their advantage prior to moving onto formal assessments.

Practice Quizzes

For each module, you view the content and then do the practice quizzes as many times as you like.  These are marked instantly by the learning management system so you know exactly which content you may need to review further.  This gets you confident and prepared to do the final module assessment.

Module Assessment

At the completion of all modules students are required to complete two further HACCP specific assessment:

  • Written theoretical exam; and
  • Workbook assessments

These final assessments may include (but are not limited to) the submission of:

  • Written essays; and
  • Documented evidence of procedures performed


To conclude this course there is a practical assessment workbook for upload and submission.  The workbook includes practical activities such as hazard analysis, determining critical control points, monitoring requirements, and corrective actions.    

We have found that students with all types of learning styles find this an effective way to receive their qualification.

These final assessments require formal trainer review, marking and moderation. This process will take up to (10) business days to complete, the exact timeframe is dependent on the assessment markers workload. 

Participants who at any time are deemed ‘not yet competent’ are individually coached and will receive an opportunity to resubmit assessments.

As this is a knowledge-based competency course, all students are required to attain a 100% pass mark to continue and be deemed competent.


This course costs $1,125.00 (USD)

Course fees include:

  • Course access 24/7 worldwide
  • Access to the online support
  • Certificate issued electronically on completion
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There are no prerequisites for this course