Bridging Upgrade - 2015 Quality Management Systems

ISO 9001:2015

  • Duration: Complete the course module by module at your own pace. The course is equivalent to 8 CPD hours (1 day full-time study)
  • Qualification: Exemplar Global - QM (Internationally recognized)
  • Standard: ISO 9001:2015
  • Prerequisites: Yes - See Entry Requirements Below
  • Course fee: $275.00 (USD)
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100% Online Learning

Do you already hold an ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management systems qualification?  Do you need to upgrade to the latest revision ISO 9001:2015?

With your upgraded qualification you will become an internationally recognized specialist with a comprehensive understanding of the requirements of the latest revision of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management systems and be able to apply what you learn across many areas:

  • Promote yourself as a quality management systems specialist to the latest publication
  • Perform audits on behalf of Conformity Assessment Bodies (CAB’s) or Certification Bodies (CB’s) for contract work conducting certification audits (when accompanied by a Lead Auditor competency)
  • Assess an organization's quality management system against the ISO 9001:2015 requirements in the role of a system specialist
  • Review and provide feedback on quality management system audit reports
  • Obtain awareness of the processes that an organization should be taking to develop, implement, maintain and continually improve its quality management system

If you are unable to provide the prerequisite requirements below that’s not an issue as you can still obtain the qualification by completing the full Understanding an Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001:2015‚Äč course.

The Quality Management Systems course (Exemplar Global – QM) is internationally recognized and completed fully online.

Clauses covered:  
Context of the Organization Documented Information
Improvement Leadership and Planning
Operation Performance Evaluation

The courses are broken up into a series of modules and the assessment is completed as part of the learning, step-by-step, module-by-module.

Practice Quizzes

For each module, you view the content and then do the practice quizzes as many times as you like.  These are marked instantly by the learning management system so you know exactly which content you may need to review further.  This gets you confident and prepared to do the final module assessment.

Module Assessment

Once you are confident that you have a thorough understanding of the content you can move on to the module assessment.

The module assessment is the same format as the practice quizzes so you know exactly what you need to do.  You are given three attempts at each assessment, after which it is locked for review by a trainer and assessor to see how we can best help you.  The assessment is then unlocked for another three attempts.  This means you are given the support you need to review content, review results, and consult with assessors.  

We have found that students with all types of learning styles find this an effective way to receive their qualification.

This course costs $275.00 (USD)

Course fees include:

  • Course access 24/7 worldwide
  • Access to the online support
  • Certificate issued electronically on completion
Enrol Now

To qualify for this course students must have a previous competency against ISO 9001:2008 and provide evidence in the form of one of the following certificates:

  • Exemplar Global – QM
  • RABQSA – QM completed post-2008 (previous revision)
  • IRCA – QMS completed post-2008 (previous revision)
  • Exemplar Global certified professional

You will be required to provide a PDF copy of your certificate via upload as part of the enrolment process prior to acceptance/commencement of this course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Students who do not meet the prerequisite criteria will be required to complete the full Understanding a Quality Management System course.