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Auditor Training Online is both a Registered Training Organisation, and an Exemplar Global certified TPECS provider.

We offer courses in Management Systems Auditing across Quality, Environmental, OH&S, Integrated Management Systems, including Lead Auditor qualifications.

To ensure you receive the best training available, we have built an impressive team who are very experienced Quality, Environment and OH&S certified auditors who have over 25 years' real-time audit and training experience in all industry sectors.

Each Exemplar Global competency is completed entirely online. This means you can start your course as soon as you enrol, work through your course any time of the day or night in the comfort of your own environment and complete your course, receiving your certificate, with no need to take time off work to attend face-to-face training.

Our Nationally Recognised competency units are currently available via Skills Recognition. Our Diploma Pathway courses and competency units are currently under development and will be offered through a blended learning approach.

Skills Recognition* is currently available for students who can provide evidence of prior knowledge/education.

  • RCC (Credit Transfer) is offered towards either Exemplar Global or Australian Nationally Recognised competency units.
  • RPL is also available for Australian Nationally Recognised competency units towards a Diploma in Quality Auditing, either in part or in whole.

Contact our Skills Recognition team today and request a Skills Recognition information & enrolment pack.

Our team of experienced and certified Auditors, who have over 25 years' experience delivering face to face auditor training, are now offering convenient online auditor training courses.

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1100% Online Delivery applies only to Exemplar Global  TPECS certified courses. Australian Nationally Recognised Competency Units and Skills Recognition require additional offline assessment and appropriate evidence to be provided.
2 All courses do include downloadable copies of required course content and materials, however, all assessments and 24/7 online course access require access to a reliable internet connection.

Course Pathway

To download a copy of our course pathway document, please click the download link below.

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- 100% Online Delivery1
- 24/7 Course access worldwide2 
- Immediate start 
- Internationally recognized by Exemplar Global
- Compatible with the latest mobile devices & browsers