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Buy Now Learn Later! Find out more here

Buy Now Learn Later! Find out more here

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Virtual Instructor-Led Training

If you like learning in a classroom environment with an expert teacher at the front, this is for you.

The course content is delivered remotely over Zoom, but hosted by one of our experienced instructors.

The advantages of this type of delivery are:

  • Be guided through the content by an experienced auditor
  • All your assessments are done in the classroom, so if you need help, you get it straight away
  • Eliminate the cost of travel and accommodation
  • It is a great option for organizations that want to get members of their team qualified at the same time

Are You Looking for Self-paced Online Learning Instead?

If 'Virtual' training isn't the best option for you, then that's ok, we also offer the same courses as a 100% online, self-paced version. Have a look at all our courses.

Extra ELP included to help you succeed

As with all our courses, whether they are delivered virtually or online you have the advantage of our Extended Learning Program (ELP). Take a look at ELP to see all the additional benefits and resources you will receive.

What do I need to join a virtual instructor-led training session

Please see What do you need to participate in VILT?