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Auditing is a great way to turn your experience into a career

Are you looking for a career change? 

Do you feel like there is something more you can do with your skills?

You have found it! 

Become a management systems auditor today!

You Can Be An Auditor!

We get it, changing careers or looking to do more with your skills can be a daunting task.   

Don't worry we have all been stuck at a crossroad of not knowing which direction to take at some point in our lives.

Did you know around 70% of people are actively looking for a job change? We wonder how many of that 70% actually make the leap into a new job or career. 

We are here to help you make the leap! Why not become an auditor?

Interestingly we have all probably conducted an audit of some type, however, it wasn't called an audit. Those of us, with children, "audit" them all the time!

Have you done your homework? 

Did you do all of the tasks set in your assignment? 

Did you wash the dishes as I asked this morning! 

An audit is simply checking what has been done against what should have been done. As auditors you are looking for evidence of this, either through records, what you are told has been done and what you can see has been done.

How Can You Use Your Experience? 

So now that you know that you can be an auditor, what type of auditor can you be? 

As an experienced professional working in various industries and businesses, you can apply that experience and become a Management Systems Auditor. 

All you are doing is checking whether a business process or system is being implemented and improved within the business and is following the relevant Standard. 

Don't get scared off by the word Standard, as these are just documents that help a business to understand how to implement a system that allows them to produce a quality product, have satisfied customers, keep people safe and healthy as well as reduce their impact on the environment.

These are all areas you will have already experienced except this time it's your time to shine.